Leng Ling

I would like to say something about the recent financial crisis from the perspective of finance. The source of the crisis traces back to the subprime mortgage market. So, I can incorporate this topic into my course of business finance, such as how to find the mortgage amount that a borrower can afford. The second related topic would be the effect on the stock market. Around this issue, I can address in the class why the mortgage market problem affects the stock market. My third idea would be the risk management on asset. How to avoid the loss on investment on stock or bond, which will be covered in future course, Derivative Markets.


About Dr. J. Metzker

I believe in the power of a liberal education to transform individuals and society. I am currently the Executive Director of the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence. Formerly, I led a community engagement initiative and held a full professorship in chemistry at a public liberal arts university. I am a proud product of The Evergreen State College.
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3 Responses to Leng Ling

  1. kcossey says:

    Great ideas. I think the recent economic situation could definitely increase student interest because they see how it effects them. Relating morgages to the stock market would be good for them to know. Would supply-demand issues and how they effect gas (or some other commodity) be out of the realm of your class?? Because that could definitely get civic issues involved. For example, if necessities go up, people would keep buying but how would this effect the poor?

  2. It hardly seems necessary to comment because your ideas are so OBVIOUSLY relevant to our current economic and political situation. I wonder if you are finding your students are more interested than usual in your courses? I also have to say, I would love to take your course so I could improve my understanding of the relationship between the mortgage market and the stock market and Wall Street and so on. I knew it was crazy when the mortgage broker told me I qualified for $500,000 loan and I hadn’t even started my job!

    Another thought I had was looking at the bailout in terms of sustainability (I might be a one-trick pony!).

  3. cbzehnder says:

    Concerning Julia’s sustainabilty comment – I’d be interested in learning more about ‘no-growth’or steady-state economics. These ideas question our assumption that economies must always grow. Herman Daly is an economist who writes a lot of about this – he uses lots of ecological thought and theory in a traditionaly non-ecological realm (even though the roots are the same, most ecologists don’t know much about economics and visa versa).

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