12/3/08 Workshop Homework

SENCER FLC Meeting 12/3/08


1) Find two SENCER models to investigate.  Post these two choices to the blog in the next week.
2) Identify the course goals.
3) Identify the activities and how they were were used to assess the course goals.
4) Identify what type of course this model might best serve.

In addition, write a paragraph (modify your previous post) as an announcement of your work to the SENCER community.  Also include an specific questions you would to get feedback on.  Please post this by 1/21/09.

Workshop dates for next semester:

12:00pm on the following days:


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One Response to 12/3/08 Workshop Homework

  1. cbzehnder says:

    My 2 model courses:

    Slow Food: An Emerging Model

    Sustainability & Human Health: A Learning Community

    I hope finals week is going well for everyone!

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