Hey there. I was waiting so I wouldn't…

Hey there. I was waiting so I wouldn’t be the first one to post and now I am close to the end! I am a new faculty member in Outdoor Education and also the Director of the Outdoor Center here at Georgia College. Before and after completing my Masters degree in Outdoor Ed here at GCSU, I worked at Clemson University’s Youth Learning Institute for roughly 5 years. Prior to that I was teaching physics in Ghana, West Africa. I am also a proud Canadian.

The running themes for my life so far are education and youth. I am most interested in the education of our youth using alternative methods and beyond academic curriculum. Can you tell Joanne and I have been talking? I would like to see a course that focuses on experiential (not experimental) education methodologies that would apply both to education students and outdoor education students who want to bring their work to more traditional avenues. I would love to work with local school teachers – possibly professional development opportunities – that help teachers provide character development alongside their academic curriculum. Schools were originally intended for the social development of youth and too often are shining examples of societal problems.

This isn’t very neat and tidy – but its the ideas that I have been thinking about – mixed with a little personal passion.

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2 Responses to Hey there. I was waiting so I wouldn't…

  1. geraldfisher says:

    I am not certain how one could top teaching physics in Ghana…cudos to you

  2. Dr. Metzker says:

    Your ideas sound great – I think that Karynne might be able to help you and Joanne nail down the specifics of making a link between the experiential and traditional approaches.

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