Okay, now that I have spent at least 45 …

Okay, now that I have spent at least 45 minutes on this thing and still can’t post the blog, I am frustrated. I had a nice introduction where I was all happy about blogging and now I’m not. And I even clicked on “Save Draft,” but now I cannot find it. Maybe this time I can figure it out.

So….Julia and I are working on a course together on food. We generated these ideas yesterday for community projects:

1. Participate in the new Milledgeville Community Garden

2. Organize a distribution of left-over food from Sodexho (campus dining) to individuals, families or groups who need it.

3. Work with local food pantries or the Milledgeville Farmers’ Market.

Overall we want students to think critically about their food choices. What impact on the environment do their food choices have, for example, and how are those choices shaped by the society in which we live (e.g., what kind of food is easily available and cheap).

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4 Responses to Okay, now that I have spent at least 45 …

  1. geraldfisher says:

    Great ideas, I bet a lot of food is wasted. I don’t think I know who this blog is from.

  2. sarabudo says:

    I think it is Sandra G?

  3. 4m9s says:

    You mean you don’t know who 4m9s is?! I didn’t realize I didn’t have to be top secret when I was creating that identifer. Sara, you’re right. It’s Sandra.

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