Liz Speelman & Joanne Previts Course Goals & Objectives

Hi All,

Liz is currently out of the country and we are continuing to hash out our goals & objectives. The purpose of our proposed course is to provide non-education majors exposure to educational theories & practices in order to enhance their understanding of how people learn in order to implement these theories & practices in ‘non-traditional’ educational settings.

Course Goals

The students will develop their understanding of educational theories and practices in order to enhance their teaching and learning.


The students will:

-explore and analyze relevant teaching and learning theories and theorists

-analyze and create learning experiences

-observe colleagues and teachers in a variety of fields and settings

-create and teach learning experiences

-reflect upon their developing practice

– receive feedback and collaboratively analyze their developing practice through videotape analysis

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One Response to Liz Speelman & Joanne Previts Course Goals & Objectives

  1. cbzehnder says:

    Hey guys (Caralyn here)

    I really like your course idea – and at some point I’d like to brainstorm with you both about activities for a ‘teaching techniques’ class that I teach in the bio dept. This is the first semester I’m teaching it and its definitely a work in progress.

    I’m not clear about the difference between course goals and objectives – but I’m guessing that your course objectives fall under the big umbrella that is your main course goal.

    Learning experience sounds very vague (and kinda touchy feely) to me – can you assume that outdoor ed majors who would be reading these goals in a course syllabus would know what one is specifically (or maybe there is not one specific learning experience).

    What is the difference between (2) analyzing and creating learning experiences and (4) create and teach learning experiences.

    I think ‘reflect upon their developing practive’ is not very concrete.

    Great start and I know you’re still in the ‘hashing everything out phase’

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