Previts – SENCER model – Issues of Health and Society: Weighing In (Obesity)

I will post a graphic organizer in a bit…wanted to post my initial interpretation of the goals, assignments, and assessments.

Issues of Health and Society: Weighing In (Obesity)

Course Goals

This course will evaluate the physiological, psychological and social causes and consequences of obesity in children and adults. At the end of this course students will be able to:

1) Predict the impact of specific changes in micro and macro-nutrient intake on BMI–basic digestion, absorption, cellular respiration, anabolism

2) Calculate and analyze nutrient composition of foods.

3) Formulate diets and exercise programs that will result in net energy expenditure and net energy storage.

4) Analyze how obesity impacts ones ability to function in daily activities, i.e., work, leisure and activities of daily living

5) Interpret the difference between being fit and being fat.

6) Critically analyze the different modes of treatment: diet, drugs, surgery and behavioral therapy.

7) Evaluate the influence of nutrition and weight management in health promotion and disease prevention (such as diabetes and heart disease)

8) Analyze the cost of obesity-related disease treatment to the cost of healthcare.

9) Analyze the obesity industry (diets, exercise programs, drugs) with regard to local, national and international economies.

10) Critique the social and psychological consequences of obesity myths.

11) Critique their own reactions to obese people based on sexism and socially constructed ideas.

Activities Linked to Goals

– laboratory assignments

-written assignments

-‘Make a Difference Project’ (goals: 3,7)


Homework questions from assigned readings (short answer & essay)

Class discussions of the topics from assigned readings

“Short papers”  on select topics

Research Project – ‘Make a Difference Project’: Term paper, Evaluation & Analysis of Participant, Poster Presentation on assigned topic

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