Susan Steele

I am excited about this opportunity to develop some skills and later, perhaps, share them with colleagues.  I joined the faculty at GCSU in January 2007 as my first experience in higher education after 30 years in nursing practice.  As a result of my work with first semester students in nursing, I am interested in developing an area B course for students interested in any health profession organized around the core competencies identified by the Institute of Medicine as essential for health care workers.  Some potential civic issues or themes could be:

1. Promotion of health literacy

2. Public health

3. Health disparities

4. Health care system quality improvement

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2 Responses to Susan Steele

  1. Dr. Metzker says:


    this looks like a very interesting course that would have broad appeal to students. Are you considering trying to incorporate some outside of the classroom experiences as a part of this course? I believe you mentioned possibly having students shadow a health care worker. Karynne Kleine did a great teacher preparation course where students were paired with scientists and used that pairing to complete a project. I think that might be a good model for your course – you should ask her about it. -Julia

  2. gcsushannon says:

    Dear Susan:

    Thanks so much for the important work that you do with the students and for consistently finding ways (i.e. sending them to the museum) to assure that our students are well-rounded individuals.

    Shannon Morris

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