Gregg Kaufman

I converted Gregg’s comment into a post:

I just learned something about blogging. I inadvertently omitted my entire blog entry and assingment! So, once again…I came to GC over six years ago having served for thirty years in the nonprofit, community organizing sector. Personal: My dear friend and spouse, Linda Watson Kaufman and I have two grown children, one son-in-law, two grand daughters, and a soon-to-be daughter-in-law. I began my work at GC in 2004 as the Coverdell Institute Director and American Democracy Project Coordinator and over the past three years transitioned to more teaching than coordinating. I teach Religion and Politics in the U.S., Religion and Politics Global Perspectives, Public Achievement (Jan Clark is my team-teaching collague), and a MPA course, Issues in Nonprofit Management. Each course has a civic engagement component where students meet and work with Milledgeville citizens. My three project or ideas include citizenship public skill development, a team approach to community organizing, and public deliberation that leads to making informed public decisions.Reinvigorating democracy by bringing ordinary citizens into public discourse is guiding principle for much of my work. Each of these is incorporated into the courses I currently teach. However, I hope to benefit from the ICD workshop to design a new Core Curriculum Area B 1 course, Public Deliberation: Citizen Dialogue Around Critical Social Issues. I am hoping that faculty and students in two undergraduate courses, Outdoor Education and Art, will join our Nonprofit MPA students in offering an early December public presentation about the Oconee River Greenway at Digital Bridges. All three courses have a Greenway engagement component. The Kettering Foundation (Dayton, Ohio) recently named the GC American Democracy Project as a research partner in an eighteen-month endeavor (commencing in March 2011) to organize public policy centers for public deliberation around the country. This September, the ADP launched a deliberative dialogue series with Milledgeville citizens. I am interested in Judy’s effort to incoporate social justice into her ed. tech. course and I hope to learn more about educational technology. Let’s hope I don’t erase this submission! 🙂

About Dr. J. Metzker

I believe in the power of a liberal education to transform individuals and society. I am currently the Executive Director of the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence. Formerly, I led a community engagement initiative and held a full professorship in chemistry at a public liberal arts university. I am a proud product of The Evergreen State College.
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4 Responses to Gregg Kaufman

  1. Dr. Metzker says:


    I’m not sure what happened to your post but wordpress does keep drafts of your posts as you type them. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available for commenting on a post.

    We spoke quite a bit about your B1 course yesterday in order to shore up your course proposal. You might want to post your course description to give the group a better idea of the course – it sounds like a great course, another one I wish I could take. -julia

  2. kmannmass says:

    Hi Gregg,

    I didn’t get to meet you at our last meeting so I am looking forward to getting to know you.

    Thanks for a great post!!


  3. hhfowler says:

    I discovered 2 things about you, Gregg. #1 you completed your homework assignment much better than I did and #2 I agree that active student engagement is essential to the learning process. I would love to get my students involved with the community garden and/or greenway project, but being new to the College & community, I’m not sure where to begin. Any suggestions???

  4. bobcatsusan says:

    Always interesting to hear your ideas. Maybe one of those public policy centers with the Kettering Foundation could focus on health policy.

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