Heidi Fowler

Hallelujah, I can post!

I am brand spanking new to Georgia College. This is my 1st year with the Department of Kinesiology and I teach within the Community Health & Human Services realm of study.  Our program is shifting from Community Health to Public Health and I was hired to add the components of environmental health and health policy and management to the mix (to make the transmission happen). I am recently married and we bought a 100 year old home in Gordon and LOVE IT. I am originally from the Fruitcake Capital of the World (Claxton, GA).

I am creating an Introduction to Environmental Health course and can’t wait to jump in! My interests include: Mosquitoes (vector control strategies); Rural Health (Access to Care); and Health Services, Policy & Management.

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6 Responses to Heidi Fowler

  1. kmannmass says:

    Good to know you Heidi! Can’t wait to work with you!! 🙂


  2. kmannmass says:

    Thanks for the post! Is this working???


  3. Shannon Morris says:

    Welcome, Heidi!

  4. Judy Donovan says:

    HI Heidi I am new this year too. How far is Claxton? I love fruitcake.:-))

  5. bobcatsusan says:

    The course I am thinking about has some policy implications. I am hopeful that our teaching circle will also give us some good ideas for course development.

  6. Doug R. Oetter says:

    Hi Heidi- I like thinking about epidemiology and public health from a spatial context, since diseases and mosquitoes often spread over space. I look forward to talking with you more about how you might engage the students in local studies.

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