Hello everyone!

My name is Kelly Manning and I am new here to GCSU. I am located over in Parks Memorial in the Kinesiology department and I am excited about my new course – Advanced Nutrition. I hope to incorporate community flyers on nutrition and maybe look into evaluating some of the cuisine offerings on campus as well as around town. I have ‘dual-countyship’ living in Baldwin and Cherokee counties (where my husband and daughter live)  and I am looking forward to my first grand baby at the end of November.

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4 Responses to Hello everyone!

  1. Shannon Morris says:

    Welcome, Kelly!

  2. lisse3511 says:

    Hi Kelly – I would love to see some of the nutrition evaluations from local cuisine and this would be a great way to get students more involved in the community.

  3. cpowellgcsu says:

    Kelly — I may have an interesting tie-in with your topic — I’m serving on the committee to choose the book that all incoming freshmen must read and discuss during the Week of Welcome, and one of the potential choices definitely ties in with your course. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, and if we pick the book that relates to your course, I’ll let you know!

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