I’m Rebecca Carte and I am in my third year as an Assistant Prof in the department of Modern Languages and Cultures.  I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and attended Ohio U for undergrad (Go Bobcats!), Northern Illinois for my M.A., and Ohio State U for the Ph.D. program in Latin American Literature, Colonial and Modern.

In the spring I will be teaching a course on indigenous and African movements in Latin America, specifically in terms of the struggle for social justice in the region for these groups which both, although in very different ways, have been marginalized from the dominant culture throughout several centuries.  I see social justice as the umbrella under which these two disparate groups can be discussed while at the same time highlighting the pluralities (there are more than a dozen indigenous cultures in Guatemala alone!), particulars of regionalism (Africans in Ecuador vs. Brazil), but also well as the commonalities.

I look forward to working with the group!

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3 Responses to Hola!

  1. Shannon Morris says:


    I think your course sounds very cool. African studies seems to be a growing interest in many disciplines.

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. lisse3511 says:

    Hi Rebecca – I remember speaking with you at the last workshop. I think this course sounds very interesting. One possible collaboration between our interests would be to look at the environmental impact on indigenous and African movements in Latin America. What role does the environment play in the movements? Thanks for sharing your ideas and I look forward to talking with you more.
    – Catrena

    • rebeccacarte says:

      Catrena, I jut saw this! Yes, I think that would be wonderful. There are specific contexts wherein environmental movements actually “co-opted” indigenous ones. We should definitely discuss this.

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