SALG Geography

Doug Oetter

This is my ninth year as a professor at GC.  I am coordinator of the Geography program and teach a lot of courses, primarily in geography, but also in history, environmental science, and interdisciplinary studies.

My interest in this SALG group lies mostly in using the exercise to learn more about active learning and assessment, especially for a new core area D course I’m proposing.  The course will be a technology course helping students acquire and develop geospatial technologies through a variety of local mapping projects.  It will use global positioning satellite (GPS) systems, geographic information systems (GIS), and of course Google Earth.  I’ve used all of these in classes before, and it’s apparent that technology can be difficult to teach unless students have something like a local project to sink their teeth into.

Perhaps the application of geospatial technologies to environmental health would be a good fit for a partnership.  Students like learning about health and environmental issues like the mosquito vector analysis.


About Doug R. Oetter

Professor of Geography at Georgia College & State University.
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One Response to SALG Geography

  1. Shannon Morris says:

    That does sound like a cool connection, Doug.

    Welcome to the group!

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