Hello from chemistry

My name is Catrena and I am in my 8th year of teaching chemistry here at Georgia College.  I teach Principles of Chemistry I and II, Quantitative Analysis, Instrumental Analysis, Advanced Analytical, Environmental Chemistry and several seminar classes.  I have never had the opportunity to teach chemistry outside of the standard structure.  I am looking forward to teaching the same chemical concepts but from an environmental prospective using real-world applications and case studies.  The three civic issues/concepts I would like to work with include:

  1. Chemistry of Art
  2. The environmental impact of different chemicals used in artwork over the decades
  3. Climate Change
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2 Responses to Hello from chemistry

  1. Shannon Morris says:


    You are super cool!

    If we are able to fund/host the Summer Institute for the Georgia Art Educator’s, I hope you will be a part of it.

    Thanks so much for your ideas,


  2. lisse3511 says:

    Hi Shannon – I would love to learn more about the Summer Institute for the Georgia Art Educator’s so please pass along any information. Thanks – Catrena

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