Graphical Representation of Course Goals, Activities and Assessments

Hello All,

I couldn’t be at the workshop today -but I wanted to share a graphical representation of course goals, activities and assessments that Julia and I have used in the past.
In addition to the University Profile System Goals, I had the following goals listed in my syllabus:

#1) At the end of the course students should be able to organize and analyze the data, choose a model to fit the data and the defend the choice of model in the context of the data.

#2) At the end of the course students should be able to communicate the results of the activities listed in #1 through both writing and speaking.

#3) At the end of the course students should be able to evaluate mathematical statements related to the course content in popular media.

I should also say that I really think of the above goals as learning outcomes. These are statements I wrote with the intention of having measurability and student centeredness. I think of a goal as something bigger and probably difficult to measure. After I write down a goal of the course, then I try to write down what it would mean for the students to achieve that goal -this is where my learning outcomes usually come from. For this course, one of the goals might be: students understand different mathematical models in context. Also, I tend not to use the term “learning outcome” when I am communicating with students because I find that they don’t really know what a learning outcome is. If I call the learning outcome a goal, there is less confusion for the students.


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