‘Homework’ in preparation for our next session

Greetings!  Karynne & I are leading the next session – Building Assessment Strategies that work for you.  In order to help connect what you learned in the last session to what we are doing on Feb. 11th, we’d like to you all to work on the following ‘homework’ and please post your answers before our meeting next week.

Part 1: Choose one or two learning outcomes that could be assessed through each of the following assessment vehicles: 1) a letter to the editor, 2) a position paper for entry to a professional school, 3) a poster for a peer poster session, 4) and a paper-and-pencil test.   These do not have to be your learning outcomes from own course.  For example, you might identify writing skills, ability to persuade in as learning outcomes assessed by #1; content knowledge, sense of audience, ability to take multiple perspectives in #2, etc.
Please post this to the blog.

Part 2:  Identify one of the assessment vehicles listed above that best matches your course learning outcomes. Consider how you might modify the assessment to be a better match for your learning outcomes.  Please bring this with you to our next meeting.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

Caralyn & Karynne

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2 Responses to ‘Homework’ in preparation for our next session

  1. Heidi Fowler says:

    Learning outcomes for Introduction to Environmental Health course:
    1) A Poster for a Peer Poster Session
    2) Q & A to coincide with Poster Session

    I wish to have the students select an environmental health topic and present their research in a poster session. Students will have the opportunity to review posters and ask questions of the student researchers during the poster session. Additional campus members may be invited to review student’s work. (I am considering having teams of 2 work on this assignment).

  2. rebeccacarte says:

    Part 1:
    A) letter to the editor: 1) Writing – specifically employing powerful words (ex: in Spanish, avoiding “ser” and “estar” = to be.) 2) Supporting a point of view with logic and evidence
    B) position paper for entry to a professional school: Not sure what this is! Writing sample? 1) Writing- specifically organizational skills 2) Writing – grammar
    C) Poster for a peer poster session: 1) Speaking- in Spanish would focus on fluidity and vocabulary – not so much grammar. 2) Preparation – knowing the content, i.e. covering main points of a subject, ability to field questions
    D) Paper-and-pencil test: 1) Knowledge of content 2) Application of core concepts to practical examples

    Part 2:

    I think the poster session – student would lead a discussion about a reading we are working on by bringing in and presenting outside material to add to the conversation.

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