Public Deliberation: Citizen Dialogue Around Critical Issues


Students will identify and utilize facilitation methods in conducting a public deliberation session among their peers.

Assessment Strategy

Students will create an “electronic poster-web page” to illustrate three approaches used to facilitate a discussion of a public policy issue.

The electronic poster will be used to assess the following:

  • Content knowledge and understanding of the policy issue. (Knowledge)
  • Clear writing and framing the issues in preparation for discussion. (Comprehension)
  • Facilitating a deliberate dialogue by using the chosen approaches. (Application)
  • Analyzing the potential strategic solutions that evolved from the discussion. (Analysis)
  • Summarizing the discussion through active listening and synthesizing. (Synthesis)
  • Evaluating the session by using a specific debriefing process with the participants. (Evaluation)

About greggkaufman

I am a retired ELCA pastor and college professor. I am a Kettering Foundation research associate with an interest in deliberative democracy and the relationship of religion and civic life in America.
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One Response to Public Deliberation: Citizen Dialogue Around Critical Issues

  1. Shannon Morris says:


    I really like the way this is laid out.

    What does everyone else think of it?


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