Literary Links


Students will identify themes in the found literature and the visual works of art that share common cultural and/or historical context.

Assessment Strategy

Students will create an “electronic poster presentation” that  illustrates a common theme found in both the literature selected for the course and a work of art rendered by one of the artists discussed in the class.

The electronic poster will be used to assess the following:


Demonstrate a clear knowledge of the cultural and historical context that the presented work reflects

Comprehension, Analysis & Application

Utilize formal analysis skills learned in class to contextualize the work of art presented in the poster

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3 Responses to Literary Links

  1. gcsushannon says:

    I wrote a bit of commentary and some sample discussions to reference this image by Edward Hopper. It does not show up and has seemingly disappeared. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
    Thanks, Shannon

  2. Gregg says:

    I would be open to doing some thinking about our proposed electronic poster presentations. The Rhetoric senior capstone students create web sites that provide a lisitng of their courses, artifacts, and capstone presentation materials. I like your clear, concise description of the learning outcome and the assessment criteria.

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