Part 1

1.  Letter to editor: Critical thinking, data analysis, application of theory to real-world phenomena

2.  Paper for entry to professional school:  I’m at a loss here…

3.  Poster session:  Demonstrating content expertise, analyzing  data and drawing conclusions from data

4.  Paper and pencil test:  Using current knowledge to solve new problems, ability to assess correctness of written work.

Part 2

Assessment type

1.  Class presentations of proofs of statements or theorems in Math 4110 Number Theory

Help students to become proficient with technical communication (for student presenter)

Develop in students the ability to recognize the difference between a correct and an incorrect proof  (for remaining students in the audience)

2.   Class presentations of solutions to problems in Math 1115 Integrated Calculus 1-A

The student will demonstrate an understanding of the theory presented by writing precise  solutions and analyzing mathematical arguments.

3.  Paper and pencil tests to solve applied problems in the natural and social sciences in Math 1261 Calculus 1.

The student will analyze and interpret models of real-world phenomena by using rate of change and optimization.


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