National Issues Forum Resources

I invite you to take advantage of a National Issues Forum issue book library located in my office in Beeson. There are 35 copies of each title. These resources were acquired thanks to the ICBG grant opportunity with the Provost Office’s “Move the Needle” funds.
NIF Resources
Life and Death Decisions: Who Decides?, Racial and Ethnic Tensions: What Should We Do?, The $9 ($14.6) Trillion Debt, The Energy Problem: Choices for an Uncertain Future, What is the 21st Century Mission for Our Public Schools?, Preparing Today’s Kids for Tomorrow’s Jobs, Coping With the Cost of Health Care: How Do We Pay for What We Need?, America’s Role in the World, Democracy’s Challenge: Reclaiming the Public’s Role, and News

About greggkaufman

I am a retired ELCA pastor and college professor. I am a Kettering Foundation research associate with an interest in deliberative democracy and the relationship of religion and civic life in America.
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