Reminder: IC-bG homework #1 – input needed by Oct 14th

Don’t forget to post an introduction of yourself and course (# 2 below) by the end of this weekend, so that people can comment.

Then starting next week, please comment on others’ posts (#3 below).

The rest of the "homework" will be due: Weds, October 26th.

Hope this helps,
– Kim

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2 Responses to Reminder: IC-bG homework #1 – input needed by Oct 14th

  1. Hi I’m Angel Rowe Abney from the Department of Mathematics. As a Mathematics Educator, I mostly teach courses for pre-service teachers, including early childhood, middle school, and secondary. I have two children, Jessica, a drama major at West Florida, and a two year old named Sophi. Sophi thinks she’s in college.

    The course on which I’m choosing to focus is MAED 3119. This is a course for mathematics majors in the teaching concentration. It focuses on using technology in the learning and teaching of mathematics. I define understanding as the quantity and quality of connections we have between and among ideas (van de Walle, 2009). I attempt to foster these connections by focusing on process strands from NCTM: Problem Solving, Representations, Connections, Communication, and Reasoning and Proof. I believe that technology provides beautiful and efficient opportunities to explore mathematical ideas in ways that wouldn’t be accessible without technology. This is why I’ve chosen to focus on this course. This is a new course; it has only been taught one time. I was the one who taught it. The next time I teach this course I want to rethink how I assessed students. I would also like to have them keep an online portfolio of their problem solutions/explorations. This is something I didn’t do last time because I just didn’t feel that I had the time to figure out the logistics of it. When it comes to software for use in the mathematics classroom I know my stuff, but I’m not technology savvy when it comes to things like creating and maintaining websites. I would love to work with someone who does have these valuable skills to help make my students’ experiences in this course more beneficial and longterm.

    I’m looking forward to collaborating with this innovative group of colleagues.

    • Angel, When you mentioned that you would like to work with someone who is knowledgeable about web stuff, I immediately thought of one of our mentors, Shannon Morris. Shannon works with the library museum and teaches several core classes. She is a wiz with blogs, websites, twitter, etc.

      In addition your disciplinary approaches are very distinct, so working together would be interesting!

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