Amanda’s Introduction

I am a relatively new faculty member of the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences. I just joined ICBG this fall and I am super excited about learning how to design a new course effectively. The course that I will be working around is BIOL 4235 ‘Molecular Biotechnique’. It is an upper level course that is research based (6 hours per week in the lab plus 1 hour lecture) where the students will learn all about DNA and how to conduct experiments in molecular biology. I am a left-brained person and I hope this group will help me to think more creatively about my course design.

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2 Responses to Amanda’s Introduction

  1. Doug R. Oetter says:

    Welcome to GC, Amanda- It’s exciting to hear about your research and teaching ideas!

  2. Amanda,

    What are the pre-requisites for this course? I have a student that might be very interested!

    I am curious to know how you envision this course fitting into a biology major’s curriculum. Is it a capstone experience that will pull together knowledge, skills and dispositions from their previous courses?

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