Joe Windish – Staff

So… I posted this to the wrong blog! How embarrassing…

In this collective I find that I am hyper-aware that I am staff. I do not teach in a classroom. At my best, I mentor student workers in ways that they will carry on through their professional lives.

My biggest take-away from our first session was that faculty have a culture of open and free exchange. Staff have a culture of quiet conformity (or loud complaint). Speaking out has consequences and is not encouraged or rewarded in the same way it is (?) for faculty. Those of you who know me know that is not typically a problem of mine. But i’m aware of it in this environment.

I’m here to learn some about what faculty do in the classroom so that I can better support and understand it in my staff role. I am also here because I am developing training for the 30+ student workers in the ITC. I have been developing that training in collaboration with the workers themselves. They are doing the modules in SoftChalk, and evaluating and changing them as we use them.

I have to miss the next session but look forward to fully participating in all we do!

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