Hello everyone (from Sandra Godwin)

Hello everyone (from Sandra Godwin)

I am a sociologist and have been a member of IC-bG for several years. Okay, I can’t exactly remember the year I joined (2009?), but I’m not an original remember. I joined because of the course Julia and I co-taught the summer of 2010: IDST 2405 (a science course for non-science majors): Necessities of Life. We titled it, “Animal, Vegetable, Human: The Science and Sociology of Your Food.” One of the things I like most about IC-bG is the space for collaboration across disciplines which includes co-teaching and the hands-on help we get from each other at the workshops. Believe it or not, before IC-bG I had never asked myself, “What do I want students to be able to DO after taking my course?” I am still working on that for my Intro to Sociology course (Sociological Perspectives) and my theory course, but my elective upper-levels are much improved. Right now, Valerie Aranda and I are continuing to work on our “Art and Social Justice” course that we taught for the first time last spring. We’re teaching it again Spring 2012.

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  1. Sandra Godwin says:

    Sandra Godwin is 4m9s

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