Innovative Curation

My name is Shannon Morris and this is my second year as an Innovative Course Building Group (ICBG) participant/member. I am the curator of the “Library Museum” on campus, which is where the Museum Education Room is located. You may have seen me (through my interior office window) while attending a meeting.

This is my forth year at Georgia College. In the fall of 2009, I began teaching for the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and I taught the same course for four semesters in a row. I joined ICBG last year and began developing a new course for IDST. However, I am now teaching Understanding Visual Culture for the Art Department. Darn! Thanks to ICBG, however, I was prepared for a last minute turn.

After receiving an ICGB grant, I attended a Project Zero Institute through the Harvard University Graduate School of Education this summer. At the Institute, we practiced implementing the digital learning environment (Twitter). I am currently practicing ways to use Twitter to increase classroom discussion and to provide a way for the students to drive course content.

This year, I hope to work on ways to make use of the ICBG methodologies within the museum/gallery.

Next time you are called to meeting, drop by and say hello!


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