Will Hobbs – Professional procrastinator

Hello. I am Will Hobbs. I’m sorry I missed the October gathering, I was out in an experiential program with students that weekend wandering the woods. I’m a faculty member in outdoor education and am primarily involved in icBG because it helps keep me sane (relatively) working with astute faculty and staff folks committed to doing something better and different than status quo. This is my second attempt with the official group (I had to bail in 2008, alas) although I’ve been conversing with Caralyn and Kim and Julia (and others) since then about various ideas and good things since that first attempt.

My primary course interest is a new CUBE course on environmental ethics. And that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Ok, not really, it is intended to be a course that encourages students to explore areas of everyday life where we make seemingly simple decisions that have surprisingly complex implications. I have ideas about visiting slaughterhouses, chicken farms, parks, schoolgrounds, etc. We’ll see…

I will be there Friday!

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  1. Sandra and I touched on some of these ideas in our food course. Specifically we looked at two interesting case studies about meat production. One about a CAFO in Texas and another about the weird and wonderful legal landscape of small-scale chicken production in Georgia. Below are links to the sources on our course blog:


    http://foodsystem.wordpress.com/2010/05/17/small-scale-chicken-processing-in-georgia/ (the password is chicken)

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