Reminder: IC-bG Workshop #2 Goals is THIS FRIDAY at 2 pm

Hello newer members of the Innovative Course-building Group!

Our 3rd session is this Friday – 2pm at Digital Bridges, downtown. We will use this session to learn about you and set the context for this series of workshops. I’ve included some details and important information about these workshops below.

By now, Homework #1 should be completed. What? You didn’t? Slacker. haha 🙂 We’ve all been there, please try to get it done. I’ve included the assignment below, so please try to get it done. This workshop series is all about going through a process. One of the premises behind ICBG is that we believe you will learn more by actively doing (homework, activities, etc.) than by just showing up,plus you will accomplish more for your course!

Please complete Before Friday 2 pm
For the workshop on Friday, please bring two goals/learning outcomes/learning objectives that are interesting to you. They can be from a course taught by you or someone else. And by interesting, I mean that they capture your attention for any reason. Perhaps you find them
crystal clear
a perfect fit

Thanks and I’ll see you all on Friday.

Laurie Huffman

The Workshops – Dates on Google Calendar
Let me (Kim) know if you’d like to be added to the Google Calendar
The workshop topics and dates are listed below with the facilitators. If you can’t attend a workshop, please let me (Kim) and/or the facilitator know so they can provide you with materials or any other important nuggets of information.

September 23 Introduction – Julia Metzker & Karynne Kleine

October 28 Curriculum Mapping – ICBG
November 18 Course Goals – Laurie Huffman & Gregg Kaufman
January 27 Course Activities & Assignments – Sandra Godwin & Shannon Morris
February 24 Building Assessment Strategies That Work for You – Kelly Manning & Chavonda Mills
March 23 Designing an Effective Course Syllabus – Heidi Fowler & Caralyn Zehnder

April ?? One on one meetings will be scheduled. Present Draft of Course for Feedback – All IC-bG mentors
April 20 Final Presentation and Social

All workshops start at 2pm. We will gather at 1:30 for snacks/conversation.

Homework was due the Wednesday before the last meeting.
DUE DATE: Weds, October 26th.

Homework #1: Introduction and Picking Courses

  1. Decide which course/module you will use as the focus of your work in the workshops. Will you use a social or civic topic?
  2. Post an introduction of yourself and the course you plan to work with on the blog. Please try to do this by Friday October 14th, so that people have a chance to comment.
  3. Post comments. Read the postings of members of our group. Comment on at least two other member’s postings. You can also use the blog as a forum to potentially link up with another participant to do a joint project, team teach or some other meaningful pairing. If someone posts a course you might be able to collaborate with, let them know.
  4. Reflect on the activities we did on Friday. How might you use any of the strategies we modeled today in your teaching? Do you have ideas for modifications? Was your TPI score reflected in the choices you made?
  5. Read the handout. This source provides a brief overview of the principles of backward design and why it is a good idea to “focus on the goal” before you design the course.
  6. Complete theDreaming of Faculty Developmentsurvey (on paper or online).
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