Georgia College Faculty Research Grants Announced


From Dr. Stephen Auerbach, Chair, Faculty Research Grants Committee

Proposals are now being accepted for the first round of FY13 Georgia College Faculty Research Grants. The Faculty Research Grants Committee (see below) will review proposals and make grants to full-time faculty in support of research projects during this first of two rounds this fiscal year. Funding for faculty research grants comes from a state allocation, a percentage of indirect cost recovery from external grants, and the Georgia College Foundation.

Please submit proposals on the following form:

The submission deadline is September 17, 2012. Before preparing your proposal, please review the following guidelines:

The Faculty Research Grants Committee shall use the following guidelines to prioritize funding requests:

1) Performance of scholarship receives priority over its dissemination (i.e., presenting research at a conference).

2) Collaborative scholarship (particularly with students) receives priority over individual scholarship.

3) “Seed money” to support external funding requests receives priority over those that are not “seed money.”

4) Applicants not previously funded (particularly new faculty) receive priority over those previously funded.

5) Applicants not recently funded shall receive priority over those recently funded.

6) Requests from permanent faculty receive priority over requests from temporary faculty.

The Council of Deans has added the following clarification to the guidelines. In general, faculty research grants support:

1) Projects that stand a reasonable chance of resulting in new grants.

2) Projects that will result in the publication of research/presentation or creative endeavors.

3) Travel related to research that demonstrates a reasonable chance of culminating in either a grant or publication.

Support for travel to conferences for presentation/poster sessions is limited to no more than $500.00, and will be awarded only after all other priorities are met.

Note that there is a checklist (rubric) on the guidelines page that provides information for you on how your proposals will be evaluated.

All funds awarded from this first round of FY13 research grants must be expended by May 15, 2013. If you cannot use funds within this period, please wait until the second call for proposals in spring 2013. Funds not expended by the deadline return to the pool.

When you submit a proposal, you will receive an on-screen verification that the proposal was submitted and an option to print a copy for your records. Please note that at present you cannot save and return to the application form. We hope to resolve this inconvenience in the future.

If you have questions, please contact Stephen Auerbach, Chair, Faculty Research Grants Committee at 478-445-8276 ( or speak with one of your college representative on the committee (below).

Faculty Research Committee

Health Sciences: Debby MacMillan, Jeanne Sewell

Business: Lakshmi Narain, Mehenna Yakhou

Arts & Sciences: Steve Auerbach (chair), Karen Berman, Ellen France

Education: Charles Martin

LITC: Nancy Davis Bray


About Dr. J. Metzker

I believe in the power of a liberal education to transform individuals and society. I am currently the Executive Director of the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence. Formerly, I led a community engagement initiative and held a full professorship in chemistry at a public liberal arts university. I am a proud product of The Evergreen State College.
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