Meet your 2013-2014 IC-bGers …

Please provide the following information in the comment box below:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Discipline
  3. What you teach (or hope to teach)
  4. Why you decided to join the IC-bG workshop series
  5. What you hope to accomplish through this series.

About Dr. J. Metzker

I believe in the power of a liberal education to transform individuals and society. I am currently the Executive Director of the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence. Formerly, I led a community engagement initiative and held a full professorship in chemistry at a public liberal arts university. I am a proud product of The Evergreen State College.
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13 Responses to Meet your 2013-2014 IC-bGers …

  1. drmikegleason says:

    I teach biology. Taking the high road is hardwork and for me at least requires reaffirmation. That and hearing about new strategies to achieve active learning strategies in the classroom are good reasons to be involved.

  2. Laura Martin says:

    Hi, I’m Laura Martin, an MFA student in creative nonficiton. Next year I’ll begin teaching 1101 and 1102 classes, which will be my first time teaching at the college level. I joined this workshop because it was suggested to me by a member of the faculty and because I’m interested in new methods of creating better writers. I hope to leave here with strategies for lesson planning, assessment, and building excitement.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I am Julia Metzker. I teach chemistry and have been involved with IC-bG since the very beginning. This group has been an important source of renewal for me throughout my teaching career! This year I am hoping to meet new and interesting people AND figure out how to close the assessment loop in my GC1Y class.


  4. Cliff Towner says:

    Hi folks,

    I am Cliff Towner and I am the Director of Band Activities over in the music department. I am really working on developing rehearsal strategies and assessment tools to individualize the large ensemble classroom. I am looking forward to working with everyone and learning how to improve my craft.


  5. Lori Robinson says:

    It’s great to be a part of this group again.
    I’m Lori Robinson. I teach General Biology and Human A&P, and hope to continue teaching 🙂 This past semester, I developed actual learning objectives for one of courses. Now I want to fine-tune them and develop learning objectives (on paper) for my other course.
    Like Julia, I feel a sense of renewal after leaving an Ic-bg meeting. I come away with fresh ideas and inspiration to do more than just lecture in my course.

  6. Caralyn Zehnder says:

    Good morning!

    I’m Caralyn Zehnder. I teach Environmental Science and Biology and I’ve been a part of ICbG since I started at Georgia College in 2008. I’ve always enjoyed the collaborations and projects that have grown out of my involvement with ICbG and the great camaraderie and support that I get from this group. Sam Mutiti and I are working on a new GC2Y course called ‘Water & Society’ that Sam is teaching this spring, so I’d like to spend time working on that course – specifically the assessment and activities aspects.


  7. Cynthia Alby says:

    My name is Cynthia Alby, and I specialize in best practices in secondary and higher education. This year I am going to be the “official blogger” of IC-bG. I teach 7 different classes a year, courses in assessment, course design, cognition, diversity, and teaching strategies. I have wanted to join ICbG for many years but just never got my act together. One of my favorite pastimes is course design; I love improving my own courses and helping others with theirs, so IC-bG is an obvious place for me to hang out. If you ever want to get together and brainstorm with me, I’ve got loads of great resources. In the past few years I’ve gotten rather stuck in my own building, so I’m excited about feeling like a part of the larger campus again. I am a generalist who is fascinated by virtually every subject. I wish I could teach everything, and helping people in other disciplines plan their courses is the closest I can come to doing that.

  8. Jude Marr says:

    I’m Jude Marr, a graduate student in the MFA program. I write poetry, and I teach composition, literary composition, and intro to creative writing. I hope to teach literature too, at some point. I joined this group because I’d like to have more of a rationale for what I try to do in the classroom. Mostly, I feel I’m just making things up as I go along, and if my instincts are sometimes right, then it’s good luck rather than good judgement. As a teaching fellow, I feel as if I’m on the edge of teaching, not particularly expected to have a thorough understanding of issues and approaches. I’m interested though, and applying for other teaching jobs. Even just thinking about course design rather than just putting together a syllabus – which feels mechanical, and a chore – feels like a move in the right direction. I’m looking forward to being inspired and informed.

  9. Allison VandeVoort says:

    Hello. I’m Allison VandeVoort. I’m a new faculty member this year in Biological & Environmental Sciences, where I teach courses primarily dealing with environmental science. I joined this group because as a new faculty member, I have a chance to start with a fresh slate for several courses. It is my goal to apply the time spent in IC-bG to developing new course material, and start the fall 2014 semester with a strong plan for my new Agroecology course.

  10. Amy Landau says:

    I’m Amy Landau, a 2nd year graduate student in the MFA program with fiction writing as my focus. I hope to teach composition and creative writing to college-age students in the future. I decided to take ICGB to get an insider’s view on course and syllabus-building from experienced professors at GC so that I will learn some basic strategies. I learned of this opportunity through a member of the MFA faculty who encouraged me to participate.

  11. Kasey Karen says:

    I’m Kasey Karen. I’m a new faculty member in the Biology department and teach genetics and microbiology. I joined the workshop series because I know I still have a lot to learn and want to incorporate active learning strategies into my course design from the very beginning. I quickly learned that the special challenge in teaching allied health microbiology is how to teach the students not just to learn about microbiology, but how to be able to apply that knowledge to clinical situations. I think reworking my approach to the class by applying a backwards design would be really beneficial and I’m hoping to get some good ideas as to how to do this from these workshops.

  12. John Bowen says:

    Hi. John Bowen here. I coordinate, and teach classes in, GC’s student leadership programs. I decided to join the IC-bG workshop series because I have found the IC-bGers to be kindred spirits and the IC-bG summer institutes to be very beneficial to the way I think about organizing and facilitating my leadership courses. Most specifically, I hope to sharpen the focus (and improve the cohesiveness) of the Leadership Certificate Program experience (which requires members to complete two LEAD courses over an academic year).

  13. greggkaufman says:

    Gregg Kaufman
    Hi everyone! I coordinate the American Democracy Project and currently teach two sections of GC1Y 100 Public Deliberation. My academic field is theology and my GC teaching focuses on the relationship of religion and politics, nonprofit management, and active citizenship. I joined the IC-bG group four years ago to seek help in designing the GC1Y course and found the friendship and pedagogy tips to be great resources. I continue to benefit from my IC-bG colleagues and enjoy being around people who are dedicated to their craft.

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