Course NRSG 3440, Adult Health Nursing

Matt Roberts

This course emphasizes theory and practice with adults and families.  The focus is on the use of therapeutic nursing interventions in providing holistic care for clients who are experiencing prevalent and complex health problems.  This course allows the student to provide care in a variety of health care settings.

Upon completion of this course, the student will:

  1. Use effective situational communication when providing care for adult clients and their families.
  2. Identify best current  evidence, research, clinical expertise, and adult patient/family preferences   and values to maximize health outcomes
  3. Demonstrate principles of leadership related to patient safety and quality improvement when providing care for adult clients and their families.
  4. Demonstrate professional nursing values when providing care for adult clients and their families.
  5. Provide culturally and spiritually sensitive care to maximize health outcomes when providing adult and family centered care. 
  6. Apply principles of health promotion, disease and injury prevention to maximize health outcomes for adult clients and their families.
  7. Recognize the need for advocacy when providing care for adult clients and their families.
  8. Collaborate with the adult client/designee and health care team in providing compassionate, coordinated care.
  9. Use literature and client data to apply the nursing process for adult client-focused care.
  10. Apply concepts from liberal arts, social, and natural sciences, clinical reasoning, and nursing science when caring for adult clients.

Clinical Goals: By the end of the clinical experience, the student will be able to:

  1. IV Therapy:

a Prepare primary and secondary IV fluids and tubing for medication administration

b.Calculate IV drip rate and set IV rate at correct rate of infusion.

c. Assess & provide care for client receiving IV therapy

d.Demonstrate correct technique with IV insertion.

  1. Demonstrate correct technique with NG tube insertion and manage a client receiving NG decompression or enteric feeding.
  2. Complete two passing (grade greater than or equal to 75) plans of care: 1 traditional care plan & 1 concept map care plan that are specific to assigned client and synthesizes patient information.
  3. Present an acceptable clinical group case study that is specific to an assigned client and synthesizes patient information.
  4. Demonstrate ability to organize and provide total client care for at least two clients for entire shift.
  5. Demonstrate ability to accurately & competently document care provided in assigned clients’ medical record & medication administration record using written and electronic methods.
  6. Complete weekly clinical learning activities which are specific to assigned client  and synthesizes patient information.

Credit also to Carol Bowdoin as she is the course coordinator who developed the syllabus.

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