BIOL 1100 – Biological Processes

Lori Robinson

This is a general biology course for non-science majors, which focuses on the fundamentals of living organisms at the cellular level. The course will cover the basics of chemistry, cell structure and function, and metabolic processes. At the conclusion of the semester, students should be able to understand the basic biological processes at the cellular level, recognize the importance of biology and chemistry in everyday life, and think critically about science presented in all types of media.

•Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of foundational biological principles including; chemical and cellular components, protein function, and cellular membrane function.
•Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of cellular processes such as; the steps of cellular respiration and photosynthesis, metabolic reactions involving enzymes, and protein receptors involved in cell signaling.
•Apply knowledge of biological principles and processes in problem solving exercises involving complex organisms in situations such as poisoning, nutritional deficiencies, water regulation, genetic defects, and death.

The above outcomes of this course address the need for students pursuing nursing, physical or health education, and music therapy, as well as all others who take it as an elective, to have a comprehensive basic understanding of cellular mechanisms.

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