Welcome back!

For our new ICbG workshop participants (and any returning members as well)…..

Please respond to this post with:

  • Your name
  • Course(s) you want to work on for this workshop.
  • What are the 1 or 2 things (content knowledge, skills, disposition, or abilities) that you want students to remember from your course 10 years from now.

(and then on your own please consider how you will teach in a way that leads to this type of learning.)

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4 Responses to Welcome back!

  1. Lori Robinson says:

    Lori Robinson, lecturer of Biology and Human A&P
    I joined the group a couple of years ago and have been working to improve my Biological Processes course. Each semester I teach the course, I see the improvements working! It is exciting to see students “get it”, especially through the implementation of a new teaching technique. The one important skill I want students to take away from the course is application–apply the concepts to their life and make smart decisions. It is very rewarding when a students says, “I looked at the food labels and understand it!” Or “now It makes sense why the doctor said to reduce my sodium intake.” The other thing that I hope students will remember is my passion. It is important to love what you do. Passion draws others in, it generates conversation, and it radiates beyond the classroom.
    I look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time.
    And welcome to a great group.

  2. Cliff Towner says:

    Cliff Towner, GC2Y course on creativity
    I have heard that the campus is short of GC2Y courses, and I thought that a course focusing on creativity and the creative process might be beneficial to all our students, and particularly those in creative fields. Having a background in creativity can help students apply critical thinking skills and creative solutions to not only their coursework, but also their career paths upon graduation. I am looking forward to another great year with the group!

  3. Doug R. Oetter says:

    Doug Oetter, GEOG 4110: Remote Sensing
    I submitted an external grant proposal to request funds for course materials and travel expenses that would allow the course project to culminate in a poster presentation for all students at a regional conference in late November. Each lecture and lab module will build toward the completion of the course project, while also covering the necessary content. If this plan works, the students will acquire the content while also working toward a conference presentation!
    In 10 years, I hope they will remember the steps involved in conducting research and publication, and have applied the ‘remote sensing method’ to several other projects and activities!

  4. Julia Metzker, sadly not teaching 😦
    I am so thrilled to be part of this group and working with all of you. Although I am not teaching, I am facilitating a lot of workshops for faculty. The principles that IC-bG uses to frame course design are ideally applicable to these workshops. I can’t wait to see what you all do. Oh, and if you are interested in incorporating community work into your classes, I can help with that!

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