Summer Institutes


Schedule, Workshop Handouts and Speaker Bios

Trimming and Focus: Reducing Content and Increasing Impact in Your Course (I)
Kimberly Cossey and Heidi Fowler

Inquiry in the Classroom: Asking the Right Questions
Brandon Samples and Sandra Godwin

Knowing What Your Students Know: Setting Program Goals
Knowing What Your Students Know: Aligning and assessing your curriculum

Julia Metzker, Caralyn Zehnder

Moving From Novice to Expert
Cynthia Alby, Karynne Kleine

Transfer, Wabash, and Return on Investment
Cynthia Alby and Karynne Kleine


Schedule, Workshop Handouts and Speaker Bios

Making Your Goals More Effective
Mike Gleason, Liz Speelman, Caralyn Zehnder

Creating Knowledge Together through Community-based Research
Janet Cavin, Cyndee Edwards, Sandra Godwin

Making Practice Public in Higher Education
Karynne L M Kleine, Yeprem Mehranian

Assessment: Knowing What Your Students Know
Gregg Kaufman, Catrena Lisse, Julia Metzker, Chavonda Mills

Reflective Practice for Professional Development in the Classroom
Sandra Godwin

Professional Development Identity of Higher Educators
Karynne L M Kleine, Shannon Morris, Caralyn Zehnder

Active Learning 101
Brandon Samples, Susan Steele

Building Learning Experiences that Matter: Engaged Learning in the Classroom
Amanda Chase, Catrena Lisse, Julia Metzker, Chavonda Mills


Schedule, Workshop Handouts and Speaker Bios

Backward Design: Creating Courses with the End in Mind
Laurie Huffman, Liz Speelman, Susan Steele

Targeting and Assessing Higher Levels of Learning: Using Marzano’s Taxonomy in the College Classroom
Dr. Justin Dubas & Dr. Santiago Toledo

Too Much Information: Reducing Content and Increasing Impact in Your Courses
Kim Cossey, Heidi Fowler

Facilitated Open Sessions
Karynne L M Kleine, Rosalie Richards, Julia Metzker

High School Teacher Professional Development

Undergraduate Research

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