IC-bG workshops at SOTE-IV

Promoting and Sustaining a Culture of Undergraduate Research among Chemistry Majors

by Julia Metzker, Chavonda Mills, & Rosalie Richards
  • Presentation (pdf)
  • Handouts (pdf)

Building Learning Experiences That Matter: Using Civic Issues to Engage Students in Your Course Content

By Julia Metzker, CaralynZehnder, & Kimberly Cossey
  • Presentation (pdf)
  • Handouts (pdf)

Resources for Course Design

Course Design

  • McTighe, J. & Wiggins, G. The Understanding by Design Professional Development Workbook (2004).
  • Designing Effective and Innovative Courses Tutorial (html)
  • SENCER Model Courses (html)

Setting Goals / Writing Outcomes

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy (html)
  • A model of Learning Objectives – intersection of the Cognitive Process Dimension and the Knowledge Dimension (html)  (pdf)
  • L. B. Nilson, The graphic syllabus and the outcomes map: Communicating your course (2007).


  • Jigsaw (html)
  • Think-Pair-Share (html)
  • Chalk Talk (html)
  • Anticipation Guide (html)
  • National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (html)
  • Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse  @ U. Delaware (html)
  • Reacting to the Past (html)


  • Student Assessment of Learning Gains (SALG) Survey (html)
  • AAC&U Value Rubrics (html)
  • Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide  (html)
  • Angelo, T. A. & Cross, K. P. Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers. (1993).
  • Teaching Goals Inventory  from Angelo & Cross (html)