The Innovative Course-building Group

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Who we are …

The Innovative Course-Building Group (IC-bG) is a grass-roots social network for learning that supports teaching faculty and staff across disciplines. We use civic issues as a catalyst for designing engaging courses that will result in important student learning.

Our guiding principles …

  • Time is valuable: gatherings are deliberately designed to be productive, meaningful, and enjoyable uses of this limited resource.
  • Good ideas recycled, refined, and adapted become great ideas.
  • Teaching and learning rarely happen in isolation: collaboration supports innovation.

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IC-bG Workshop Series “Strategies” and Reflection Dinners Fall 2016


No commitment required. 
Join us. Come to any or all of the workshops in the series and join us for dinner as we enjoy conversation and dinner on a reflection topic.

The workshops are scheduled to be held in the CTL Lab on the third floor of the Russell Library at Georgia College.


Our Mentors

The ICbG is a community of life-long learners.  We encourage our participants to become mentors to future ICbGers and engage in long (and short)-term planning for the group.  Our mentors represent many disciplines and interests, which adds to the unique character of this group.

Interested in becoming a mentor?