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U can IC-bG 2!

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Who we are …

The Innovative Course-Building Group (IC-bG) is a grass-roots social network for learning that supports teaching faculty and staff across disciplines. We use civic issues as a catalyst for designing engaging courses that will result in important student learning.

Our guiding principles …

  • Time is valuable: gatherings are deliberately designed to be productive, meaningful, and enjoyable uses of this limited resource.
  • Good ideas recycled, refined, and adapted become great ideas.
  • Teaching and learning rarely happen in isolation: collaboration supports innovation.

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Read our blog

Our Mentors

The ICbG is a community of life-long learners.  We encourage our participants to become mentors to future ICbGers and engage in long (and short)-term planning for the group.  Our mentors represent many disciplines and interest, which adds to the unique character of this group.

  • Kim Cossey, Chemistry
  • Amy Kelley, Mathematics
  • Karynne Kleine, Middle Grades Education
  • Julia Metzker, Chemistry
  • Caralyn Zehnder, Environmental Science
  • Joanne Previts, Middle Grades Education
  • Liz Speelman, Outdoor Education
  • Gregg Kaufman, Government & Sociology
  • Shannon Morris, Interdisciplinary Studies / LITC Museum Curator
  • Heidi Fowler, Kinesiology
  • Kelly Manning, Kinesiology
  • Rebecca Carte, Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Laurie Huffman, Mathematics
  • Catrena Lisse, Chemistry
  • Chavonda Mills, Chemistry
  • Valerie Aranda, Art
  • Susan Steele, Nursing
  • Rosalie Richards, Chemistry
  • Angel Abney, Mathematics
  • Lori Robinson, Biology
  • Cliff Towner, Music
  • Cynthia Alby, Education

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